Our Products

Pagnotta Termomeccanica produces high technology kilns, ovens and furnaces from more than 60 years, intended for ceramic industry, heat treatment of metals and glass processing.
We offer advanced solutions with high energy efficiency and specialized engineering for machines and turn-key plants marked "Industry 4.0" intended for:

  • Ceramic sector: shuttle intermittent kilns, muffle, chamber ovens, batch furnaces, reverse flame draft kilns, for sanitary-ware, tableware, porcelain, gres, pottery, terracotta, abrasives, refractories, lava stone, tiles.
  • Heat treatment sector: bogie hearth furnaces, chamber, pit, bell, rotary hearth furnaces and low temperature ovens for annealing, forging, hardering, heating, normailsing, quenching, stress relieving, tempering.
  • Glass sector: electric kilns, furnaces and ovens for glass processing as: annealing, fusing, heat soak test, slumping, decorating, tempering.

Pagnotta’s kilns have always been known for their reliability, little need for maintenance, spare parts that are easily changed. We pay particular attention to maintenance and any repairs needed after the kiln has been sold.