Second hand
kilns & furnaces

USED AND CHECKED KILNS: guaranteed to last throughout the years

It is never convenient to choose an used kiln and to buy it as it is, with Pagnotta’s used ovens you get the same quality as if it were new, since all the kilns are checked.

The company allows you to choose among a wide range of revised products. They are all revised with accurate and qualified interventions, only original spare parts are used. In addition to this we provide a quality check-up through very severe testing conditions.

All the revised furnaces are provided with a one year guarantee.

Only Pagnotta can offer you so much in terms of quality and price.

After the tests and with the guarantee Pagnotta’s used kilns are just as if they were new.


Pagnotta’s kilns have always been known for their reliability, little need for maintenance, spare parts that are easily changed. We pay particular attention to maintenance and any repairs needed after the kiln has been sold.